Seniors reps 2011 The moment you have been waiting for.

This is it the moment you have been waiting for.

Is this to be your high school senior year, are you looking to have some great photographs taken for your graduating year? EyeCatchers Photography is on the search for 2011 Senior Reps! We are looking for outgoing, high-energy ambassadors who are excited to tell their friends about the wonderful experience and beautiful fine art images we capture and produce. Senior rep program lasts until December 31, 2011. Each representative signs a contract/model release with EyeCatchers Photography.

Senior or Student rep models will receive the following, once selected to work with Eyecatchers Photography (only two from each school)

Complementary forty-five minute photo session, (that’s 45 minutes in front of the camera)

1 complementary (watermarked) images to use on Facebook or other online applications.

Personalized referral cards to give out to friends that has your name, image, logo and contact information.

$25 credit earned for every senior or student referred to us with each paid session (at the regular session fee); so you can earn free wall portraits, wallets, or albums!

Booking senior or student must return a referral card in order to receive credit.












































































































Reasons for choosing EyeCatchers Photography

Crisp clean sharp images are important to us. We want to be completely confident that your images will be as beautiful enlarged to 45″x 45 ” as they would at a 4″ x 5″ or wallet size. So emphasis is always on the eye’s to give maximum impact to your portraits. You can still have a soft finish on the portrait without losing its beautiful crisp clean look.

Our color in our images are vibrant and bright, but not over saturated. The use of color in the right way adds so much to the feel of a portrait.  Clarity of color add warmth to the image, where as black and white images give a feel of drama and mood.

Light without a doubt the key to any image. Without light off course portraits would not exist, however too much of it can kill the portrait instantly. Depending on what mood or emotion we are going for we would determine how much light to let in to the image and also where the light source is coming from and from what angle.

We here  at EyeCatchers on every photo shoot take all the above into consideration when capturing your portraits. Properly exposed images, correct color saturation and sharpness of our subject is set up in the camera before the shutter is ever fired. When we download our images to the computer we want to be confident that we are editing your images for a purely artistic reason and not because we missed something we should have done in the field. This also insures we get your pictures back to you in a fast turn around time, so you’re not waiting for a lengthy time to see the final results.

Senior images are as important as a wedding shoot. They Capture a mile stone in your life that will only happen once. We want to make sure you have those memories forever.

Next Week.. We talk about the Creative side of Senior portraits.




























































































































About eyecatchers08

Welcome to my page. I strive to reach perfection, only to find it is always one step ahead of me. But in the pursuit of her I find that I become stronger in my vision. Photography is not a just about taking pretty images of beautiful people. It is a passion, that drives me to show the beauty in everything created by God. To make the subject stand out from the crowd, to mesmerize the on looker, to silence the voice and for a brief instance stop the world in its journey. For those who want to grow with me, become part of the concept be you, be your inner-self and become the face behind the pursuit of perfection....
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