Best portraiture on a man.

I woke up to the best e-mail I have received in a long time.  Months of preparing images, going back and forth with what to and what not to submit to the regional PPA competition.  Then when the competition was being judged by international judges.  You are competing against the best of the best in  the West coast region.   I was just hoping to get  on to the score board.  Then I read the e-mail. Congratulations Ian you have won best portrait of man.   I had to read it three times just to see if i was reading it right.  Then I went to look at the calander to see if it was April the 1st.  Then when I thougt it could not get any better.  I was contacted again and was told I won the RR Hutchinson trophy.

I then went to the the PPA web site just to confirm the percentage and to see how my other three images did.

Best portrait of a man. also won the RR Hutchinson Trophy. Over all score for professionalism 82%

Scored 79%

Scored 77%

Scores 77%

It is such a thrill to get such scores, especially when the judging is so hard.  I am humbled and honored to be judged along side such great professional photographers.  Now its on

to the nationals.  🙂


About eyecatchers08

Welcome to my page. I strive to reach perfection, only to find it is always one step ahead of me. But in the pursuit of her I find that I become stronger in my vision. Photography is not a just about taking pretty images of beautiful people. It is a passion, that drives me to show the beauty in everything created by God. To make the subject stand out from the crowd, to mesmerize the on looker, to silence the voice and for a brief instance stop the world in its journey. For those who want to grow with me, become part of the concept be you, be your inner-self and become the face behind the pursuit of perfection....
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