Creating Art for your home

Our love for art is tied into our photography. We see past the image to the final print before we even take the image. Photoshop is a means to an end, not there to make a bad photo good, but to make a good photo better. Getting it right in camera is a must. But we won’t let the weather, time of day or hard to light locations get in the way of the final concept when it comes to reproducing what we imagined.
Our signature editing does take time as we feel that we are creating wall art for you homes, that your love for many years to come.  The signature editing takes anywhere from an hour to four hours to finish, depending on the style and vision we use. We see it as labor of love.

05052013_DSC0043-2 05112014_2868 04162013_AC-5 Story board-1 _DSC0044


About eyecatchers08

Welcome to my page. I strive to reach perfection, only to find it is always one step ahead of me. But in the pursuit of her I find that I become stronger in my vision. Photography is not a just about taking pretty images of beautiful people. It is a passion, that drives me to show the beauty in everything created by God. To make the subject stand out from the crowd, to mesmerize the on looker, to silence the voice and for a brief instance stop the world in its journey. For those who want to grow with me, become part of the concept be you, be your inner-self and become the face behind the pursuit of perfection....
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