Flash from the past

A flash from the past, but not to long ago. 

I remember like it was yesterday shooting all our portraits on film. Our senior was very interested in photography. Listening to what our seniors want in their portraits is important, after all they are our customers and without them we wouldn’t be in business right.

It only seemed right to have a camera in her hand in some of her portrait sessions. The Mamya 5×4 camera is still my pride and joy. Even in today’s day of throw away camera’s with high ress capability, this camera would still stand tall in quality.

The only thing is, it takes two weeks to get the film developed and back then i have to go through and tweak them a little.

EyeCatchers_high School_SeniorEyeCatchers_high_shool_ seniors_087 EyeCatchers_high_shool_ seniors_8615 EyeCatchers_high_shool_ seniors_8651 EyeCatchers_Seniors_8680


About eyecatchers08

Welcome to my page. I strive to reach perfection, only to find it is always one step ahead of me. But in the pursuit of her I find that I become stronger in my vision. Photography is not a just about taking pretty images of beautiful people. It is a passion, that drives me to show the beauty in everything created by God. To make the subject stand out from the crowd, to mesmerize the on looker, to silence the voice and for a brief instance stop the world in its journey. For those who want to grow with me, become part of the concept be you, be your inner-self and become the face behind the pursuit of perfection....
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