About us, Our vision

A little about Ian

I was educated in England at Stoke on Trent Performing Arts.  I graduated with distinction, specializing in Advertising and illustration.  I began shooting fashion and editorial for the  Staffordshire life magazine.  I moved to the States in 2000 and in 2005  I  founded EyeCatchers USA.   I am not an amateur or hobbyist,  I am a professional photographer with many years experience.  If some one asked me what is my vision.    My answer would be to re-invent the wheel, to capture to capture the briefest moment in time and freeze in for an eternity.  To share with people the visions I see in the infinity of my mind.

A little about Bonnie

Bonnie is educated in the art of ballet and choreographs  many of the shoot here at EyeCatchers.  She has many years as an accomplished MUA,  hair stylist  and in wardrobe.  Her eye for detail is second to none and she goes beyond  the call of duty to make sure everything is perfect on set.  She has just recently in the past six months taken on the challenge to step  behind the camera to become associate photographer.  Her creative insight to all departments of EyeCatchers, means that you will always get images that stand out well beyond your nearest rival.


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