Oasis in the Tri-Cities

Finding  green locations in a desert it not always easy to come by,  but I think we are spoiled here in the Tri-Cities WA.   Senior portraits have a huge selection of parks, rivers or even deserts for their high school senior portrait sessions.  Beats being inside any day.

05232013_eyecatchers_ senior session-162 05232013_eyecatchers_ senior session-132 05232013_eyecatchers_ senior session-153-1

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Cowboy wedding

From horse for the little one’s made from pipe insulation

90 degree in the shade gave us a great workout when we shot Ashley and Jason’s wedding.   Not one for keeping still we covered the whole event including capturing video.   This was our first cowboy wedding and we didn’t want to miss a shot.  Three photographers covered most angles.  From horse for the little one’s made from pipe insulation to a singing cowboy as the father walked his daughter down the aisle, from the I do and the first dance, it was a pleasure to capture their story as it unraveled.

From horse for the little one's made from pipe insulation

A very proud dad see's his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time

A very proud dad see’s his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time

Capturing the moment.

Capturing the moment.

a family shot for everyone.

a family shot for everyone.

A new path begins

A new path begins

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The Princess and the Skater

With our senior we have shot, four different themes and styles, fast cars at sunset, violin in the orchard, princess in the garden and skater in urban city, well town really.

We always have a favorite part of the creative portrait sessions,  it might be because the sun is just right, or an outfit that just pops and brings our subject to life, it might be the concept behind the shoot. For our seniors  portrait sessions it was the princess in the garden theme. Everything was pretty much perfect, the sun was right, her dress was stunning, colorful and elegant and the backdrop was perfect. Out of all the portraits taken from this portrait session we got 50% spot on images that could have been sent in to the printed as shot. The other 50% were so close it was hard to narrow down our selection for post editing. A big thank you to everyone including my beautiful partner EyeCatchers Bonnie.

06032013_eyecatchers_ senor-portraits-6 06032013_eyecatchers_ senor-portraits-44 06032013_eyecatchers_ senor-portraits-107 06032013_eyecatchers_ senor-portraits-119

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Composition portraits

Composition portraits are usually associated with merging two images together side by side or with one image behind the other faded out.   But using the same technique, we can tell a story by merging 4 or five portraits together to create, mood, and drama to the final image.   Just imagine sitting in the stands of your sons and daughters, softball  or baseball game.    The game hinges on the final ball,  it’s make or break time.  The pitcher, pitches , the batter  swings, misses , the opposition  making a break for the home run,  The catcher catches the ball, the game is over.  A proud moment for the team, the catcher and the parents.   The game is over the, the image captured, the composition created, the memory frozen in time to relive over and over again.   Our job is done.

04162013_AC-5 04162013_AC-36-2


The biggest obstacle you will come up against in life...is yourself.

The biggest obstacle you will come up against in life…is yourself.

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Flash from the past

A flash from the past, but not to long ago. 

I remember like it was yesterday shooting all our portraits on film. Our senior was very interested in photography. Listening to what our seniors want in their portraits is important, after all they are our customers and without them we wouldn’t be in business right.

It only seemed right to have a camera in her hand in some of her portrait sessions. The Mamya 5×4 camera is still my pride and joy. Even in today’s day of throw away camera’s with high ress capability, this camera would still stand tall in quality.

The only thing is, it takes two weeks to get the film developed and back then i have to go through and tweak them a little.

EyeCatchers_high School_SeniorEyeCatchers_high_shool_ seniors_087 EyeCatchers_high_shool_ seniors_8615 EyeCatchers_high_shool_ seniors_8651 EyeCatchers_Seniors_8680

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Creating Art for your home

Our love for art is tied into our photography. We see past the image to the final print before we even take the image. Photoshop is a means to an end, not there to make a bad photo good, but to make a good photo better. Getting it right in camera is a must. But we won’t let the weather, time of day or hard to light locations get in the way of the final concept when it comes to reproducing what we imagined.
Our signature editing does take time as we feel that we are creating wall art for you homes, that your love for many years to come.  The signature editing takes anywhere from an hour to four hours to finish, depending on the style and vision we use. We see it as labor of love.

05052013_DSC0043-2 05112014_2868 04162013_AC-5 Story board-1 _DSC0044

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fast cars and violins

We ask all our seniors if they would like to have something they like doing in the  photo session.  Some say yes some say no, others want their car or dog in the shoot.  Kylie wanted her pet car and violin in her shoot.   So here it is.  fast cars and violins.   Because of bad weather we had to reschedule a few times, but I think Kylie will agree it was worth it in the long run.

_DSC004404252013_k_s-300-2 04252013_k_s-338

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